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Mechanized Assault is a fast-paced, third person combat mecha simulator. In Mechanized Assault the player plays as the pilot of their own mecha. 

The mecha in Mechanized Assault are known as MISCU [miss-QUE] Frames. Each frame is customizable to every player with multiple use-able weapons and frame specific shoulder mounted weapons. This mechanic helps to customize each player's experience while still making each frame feel unique.

Mechanized Assault take place in the future year of 2120. Humanity has expanded their reach into the vastness of space by creating colony stations around and between different planets. Though this was a golden age for most of humanity, civilians in the farthest regions of space were not happy. They believed they’ve been misrepresented in the Earth’s government, holding very little political influence. These people decided to form their own army and rebel against the Earth government. The rebel forces known as the AEGF or Anti Earth Government Force. As the AEGF gains ground destroying military forces in their path they arrive on Earth’s doorstep and request a peace summit. This is where Mechanized Assault starts.

Releasing May, 2019

Social Media: TWITTER

Mechanized Assault Website: WEBSITE

While in debug mode, debug controls:

While in Main Menu press the '0' key to load the test Scene

While in any other level press the '0' key to load back into the Main Menu

At the start of the game after a game reset or first time start up pres 'Left Alt' + 'Left Control' to skip the tutorial at the start.

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip file

2. Extract the files within using any preferred program

3. Run 'Mechanized Assault DEMO'


Mechanized Assault 0.7.1 x64 System 1 GB

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